Millennium Fountain Flag


The Irving Las Colinas Rotary Club has places 3ft. x 5ft. United States flags on 10 foot poles around Irving’s Millennium Fountain, Arch and Walk, a symbol of the city’s entrance into the 21st century.

The Rotary club will place the flags at the fountain each year on these five patriotic holidays:
Memorial Day
Flag Day
Independence day
Labor Day/Patriots Day
Veterans Day

Honor someone you know by sponsoring a state in their name. Your sponsorship will be recognized on the Flags Over Irving website and on a card attached to the flag representing the state you have chosen. Check our flag sponsor page for ideas from your friends and neighbors.

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Millennium Park is much more than a simple beautification project. The park serves not only as a gateway to west Irving, but as a symbol of Irving’s entrance into the 21st century. The 30 foot centerpiece fountain, surrounded by the spray from 8 jets spaced around the pool, is located on 2.1 acres situated between Irving Boulevard and Second Street. The project cost $780,000 to build and was completed in six months. The park and its beautiful fountain are visible from City Hall and the new South Library. US Flags representing the fifty states, encircle the fountain, arch and walk and create a very moving, patriotic display in this magnificent park.

View our current flag sponsor page.